Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh Well.

Most of the time I'm thrilled to see what's in the daily newspaper. But not this morning. Today I learned that while I enjoy my weekend lying around and spacing out with music little did I know that I could actually watch them live. I still can't believe it.  What if I missed the only chance I'll see them here in Asia? I've already accepted that I'll miss Foster the People because I want my bestfriend, Joses to watch them with me. But, The Naked and Famous, Metronomy, Bombay Bicycle Club, Unknown Mortal Orchestra? #impossibru (read: SAYANG TIMES INFINITY)

( WHERE WAS I??????? )

So what I'll do now is panic "like", "follow", "subscribe". I don't know why I have to panic but it's just who I am. Haha! I have to stop being lazy, too! I also wish for the internet connection be stable or else...... 

Shout out to @abadfran I made the meme, am I doing this right? LOL

"Don't fret, it's over now" - @TNAF's a wolf in geek's clothing

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