Sunday, 19 February 2012

Closeness has nothing to do with distance.

Okay maybe it has something do with it but not for Joses and I. She is my ultimate "slasher" friend. She's my cramming partner / secret-keeper / daydream buddy / fashion police and most importantly my bestfriend. She's smart, beautiful, talented and the most down to earth person I know. (I sound like I'm pimpin' my bestfriend huh?) Seriously, I'm so lucky to have her in my life and I wouldn't survive college without her. I wouldn't survive anything without her. That fateful Business Math class changed our lives. Okay, I'm gonna cry now...

Being crazy as usual during my 21st birthday
I didn't get the chance to see her before I left for SG and it sucked big time. We promised to keep in touch and we did. Our constant YMs and DMs made our friendship stronger and just rock-solid. Thank God for technology! We never had the chance to do typical girl bonding stuff back in Manila so we are going to do our best to do it here. Read: Slumber party and Movie night.

I really look up to her... (figuratively and literally lol)
We have Chris Carraba to thank for! Hahaha! We both love Dashboard Confessional that when they came to Manila and she didn't get the chance to watch it with me, we promised to watch him again together in the future. And the future is on Feb 21, 2012!!!! *GASP* Chris Carrabba will have a solo acoustic night at Esplanade and we just have to see him. NO EXCUSES! We are now on girly highschooly mood. We've been waiting for this epic reunion since 2011! She booked a flight the day after I told her so yeah, she's very excited too.
Artsy Chicken Art by Joses

I love you Chicken, Joses! Let's save all our energy for later. See you!

P.S. We need those colored jeans badly. 

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