Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Codes and Assets

While my other colleagues enjoyed Chinese New Year at home playing Mahjong, I was out having some quality time with my parents and Jim. It was the best 10 day-break ever ever ever. Jim and I are not into coupl-y stuff, so we take pleasure in movie marathon, swimming or walking around Singapore. One word: Tambay. He suggested that we join Global Game Jam Singapore 2012 and my initial reaction was "are you fudging kidding me?" (No, the word was not fudge.) He knows that my "talent" tend to shy away when I'm in front of people. I lose focus and I get self- conscious when I know that people are watching me do my work. Strange. I work best alone? Maybe. Self-esteem issues? Probably. So asking me to be his teammate was not exactly fun, more like scary. He will be the coder and I'll do the assets. Collab na 'to! 

Came the GGJ and all we could think of is the theme. Global Game Jam revolves a theme that "jammers" need to draw inspiration from. This year's theme was Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a snake eating his own tail. We were dumbfounded. Ano yon? Hahaha! We were the only non-Singaporeans (I think) so we were sort of out of place. Heeeee. Two awkward late comers was not really a good impression. We were both excited but so tired before it even started. It was very Big Bang Theory-ish, I was surrounded with geeks and the like.

Republic Polytechnic is such a beautiful school. Hnggggggggg! I can see myself hanging out  studying on different areas around the school with my "tropa". Lol dibs on the bench!

obligatory photo op and #shamelessplug2012

architecture heaven?

 one does not simply ignore wooden planks and green (some) grass

It was a memorable experience and we'd like to join again next year. We will continue working on our game and hopefully make a web version for everyone. Hahaha feeling! Ano ba kasi yun game namin? More about it soon :-)

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