Friday, 24 February 2012

Frinspiration: The joy of being a kid

The internet is saving making my relationship with my family stronger. I look forward to the everyday emails of my Dad and I really appreciate him for taking his time to do it for me. He even learned to resize the photos without my help!  Booyeah! He recently sent me a family picture taken when my sister from Macau went home for a short vacation. It was heart-warming. I would "photoshop" myself in the picture one of these days. lol!

My Dad's latest email was photos from Gab or should I say Spider - Gab? He told me that It was Gab's idea to dress up and to have the photo shoot outside the house. What a bright kid! This is extra special to me because they know how much I love Spider-man. Adorbs!!!!

loving the shadow effect!
feel na feel
angle shot, anyone?
revealing his identity
and then as if nothing happened. haha!

I love you Gab! Don't grow up just yet.

May we never ran out of ideas to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. Let's play dress up again just because.

Happy, happy Friday everybadeeeeeh!

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