Wednesday, 7 March 2012

This is fact not fiction.

Photo by Under The Radar

Tonight is the night - Death Cab for Cutie in Singapore. One of the most anticipated events of my year! Since I got the tickets last year (early bird much?) I couldn't stop checking where I put them. I was so paranoid that I'll lost them or accidentally throw them in the trash. Yes, I can be THAT careless clumsy. Change of plans though, Jim is not coming with me. Boo hoo. Instead, I'll be spending the night with my good friend / new housemate, Ange. Soul meets body it is. I already apologized to her for being extra emotional. I'm so glad she agreed to join me. Who would say no to Death Cab right? 

I saw the Manila concert set list and I couldn't focus since then. They sang "What Sarah Said", "Cath" , "Transatlanticism", "Company Calls" -- all time favorite hits. I cannot recall how many times I used their lyrics for an artwork or the times I finished a school project whilst listening to their songs. Nakakarelate? I can imagine them playing "I will posses your heart" live and it's giving me chills! I hope they sing Tiny Vessels,  Bend to Squares (though Ben admitted that the song makes no sense lol) and Brothers on a hotel bed too! If there's a meet and greet after --- I would definitely queue up! Hug from Chris Carrabba last Feb? Hug from Ben Gibbard this March? Hell yes!

I will see you tonight, Death Cab for Cutie. Sing What Sarah Said please as your birthday gift!

P. S. My 23 year old self, see you on Friday! 

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