Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My face when...

I have been devoting ample time in compiling all the film shots I had since 2008. I even upgraded my Multiply account to Premium for the download-albums-in-"high resolution"-feature. Yuck, what is old school? Surprisingly, there's few recent views with intentions I am not sure of. Haha sneaky kayo ha! I think upgrading my Flickr account to Pro would be more useful and I can forget that the multiply account ever existed. Bakit ngayon lang!? There's too many stuff to organize and my lack of focus is making it harder to accomplish. Hay, short attention span! 

I was certain that my old site visit will bring back memories just like what Facebook timeline did. Ouch! But my face lit up when I found this picture of Gabriel. He was obviously weeping and the first thing I wanted to do was to take his picture. Am I a bad godmother? Am I? Before he became my little Spider-man, he was always and will be my number one subject. Taken with my friend's Nikon FM10, I think this photo is priceless.Too adorable! 

This is my face when:
  • I read my Multiply blog entries. Yuck times infinity.
  • I read that Robb Stark will die in GOT (spoiler alert!)
  • I saw Threadless $9.95 Tees 
  • only 99PHP for Premium Multiply account
  • I lost my lens cap and new non-ruled notebook :(
  • Rachel didn't finish her audition (Yes, I watch Glee for unclear reasons)
  • customer service replies
  • new followers and page views
  • medical fees are reimbursed in cash not in cheque. Hahaha!
  • I think back how I overcome all the hardships of 2011 naks!
Shout out to my friend @jopaydiets and supervisor @amicapaulino! You guise are making me blush! lolz

Have a happy week!

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