Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Francfranc: My new happy place

Kids, I found my happy place within my new happy place. Wee happy plaception? Haha! Francfranc world- renowned lifestyle and home furnishing store opened here in the Sunny island. Weeeee! Franc Franc is from Japan so it is awesome by default. I've been waiting for it since I saw the  announcement in the newspaper few months back. Singapore welcomes the largest flagship store of Francfranc according to Myplace. Ah-mah zing! 
Behold.. Francfranc!
there's a polar bear!
Speaking of large, the store displays are so inviting and HUGE! As in giant arm chairs grace beautifully by the entrance. I am in awe-- the hyper kid in me wanted to climb and sit on those chairs! I keep thinking about DCFC's song "We looked like Giants".  Ahhh, ♪ ♫ I held you closer than anyone would ever get ♪ ♫

Further in the store there are living, dining and bedroom area are set up for admiration and most importantly- experience. Spotted these legit good-looking windsor chairs. A bit pricey for me but I think it's worth it. (Brought back some of repressed memories hahaha not!)

I'm definitely coming back for these book stands / box along with other things. They have a bag section too guise!

I can't focus with too many goodness around. YYYYELP! The happy place carries my future tableware for afternoon tea party, yes? And also my future beddings! Hihi!
hti the spot!
and hello there bed!
Tadah! The Wall Art section is too pleasing for my eyes. How can one choose only one? But I got my eye on the Alphabet artwork. ASFDGKL!

They have arranged items by color and oh my! they are lov-e-ly! A wide range of nifty and stylish items from eight categories - furniture, kitchen and table, hobby and culture, kitchen fabric, beauty and health, lighting and interior accessories. Hands down to the store's over all visual merchandising, every space was maximized but not suffocating! You know what I mean.

think pink!
Francfranc also offers the Disney collaboration and an exclusive range of J-Period - a collection of Japan's distinct traditional arts and crafts. If ever you are visiting Singapore, don't miss the chance to drop by and explore the Franfranc Wonderland! "The pricing is reasonable and it is Japan's answer to Sweden's Ikea. {source} " I dare you to go home empty-handed. I dare you. I double dare you. Haha!

Francfranc Singapore is at Vivo City (former spot of Page One *sniff*) #02-41/42, 1 HarbourFront Walk and JCube #02-27, Jurong East Central 1.

Our sundate also included a trip to the supermarket where we shopped for less less pricey beddings, unexpected shopping at Uniqlo and a sumptuous Peri-peri dinner. I therefore conclude that I had to much gasping in one day.

Off to work hard for a non-stop shopping spree! Haha! Have a lovely day! 

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