Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday Morning P.T. 3

Hello there! It's Monday again and I hope that instead of whining, I hope that you are winning! I'd like to share one excerpt of the newspaper clipping "Maximize your potential" I got few months back. It invites the readers that for us to be truly successful, we should live our lives with firm principles and passion. The article can be summarized in to this " Principle before passion; Passion before purpose; Purpose and Passion during practice equals possibility". The article is written by Ian Berry author of Changing What's Normal

The question though is when you have found your passion how do you keep it alive? The answer is to "Make sure that you are spending time pursuing your passion each week or day. Focus on the things that count for you, that give you the greatest energy and enjoyment." Oh so beautiful! Sleep-deprived as I am now, I can't and won't complain because I love the tasks on hand and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The happy-kind-of-tired feeling is always rewarding. 

This article is so inspiring that I glued it to my office desk. I glance to it once in a while to keep me reminded of its beautiful message and I hope it will touch your hearts too. May our Morning Pep talk help you to stay motivated, excited and in high spirits through out the week.

A lovely Monday to all! *group hug*

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