Friday, 31 August 2012

Again, it's Friday

I found the perfect mustard cardigan guiseeeeeeee <3
Wait, what? It's Friday again and it's also the end of August - the month of old and new things. It has been the month of travel and gastos! While my savings is still zero, my emotional bank account is overflowing. I feel very grateful and blessed. I've been reunited with my family after a year, had a short & sweet UBE with Joses, hugged Lomo the dog and went to my first business trip in Malaysia (Truly Asia). I have yet to sort  the details + photos out before I could share them but I am glad I was able to accomplish a lot this month. Hooooooray!

I leave you now with the live Bloc Party performance of their new single - Octopus. #blocpartyinsingaporeplease

How's August for ya?

P.S. I seem to be developing a habit of Friday blogging and I think I need a Pintervention----- NOOOOOO!

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