Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Almost December already?

Rainy Singapore
Hello from rainy Singapore! The thunder-lightning combo is starting to scare me so I decided to try and blog something. Alright, it's almost December already? What! Time really flies when you're having fun eh? So much has happened this November and I'm glad being not homeless is one of them. I'm so thrilled that we found ourselves (hopefully)  the  perfect and long-term place to stay. Despite the foreseeable stress of packing-unpacking and moving our things, I'm excited to decorate our new room. I.just.can't.wait. 

This time of the year is very special to me because it's around this time that I get my ONE TIME BIG TIME present from Jim. Heehee! For 3 years now, he doesn't give me anything for my birthday / other special occasions but instead gives a "major" gift around November. This year he got me my own Olympus Pen camera. Awww yes!  The E-PL5 to love, to touch, to share! It's been years since I had my own digital camera (analog > digital) so I still consider myself a noob. I've always relied on my trusty 3GS but I really hope I can upgrade soon!  *dreamy eyes*

I also got a book "The New Street Photographer's Manifesto" and it got me really excited to shoot! shoot! shoot! I don't  mind the extra pounds carrying digital and film camera everyday. Hihi dances! 

Sooo this is me and a weird thingy on my lips that I didn't bother to remove. I love how everyone in the background is looking down as well. Haha! 
And the adorable Jimmy, giver of nice things and unconditional love. Hanep!
 I hope November has been treating you well. Group hug now!

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