Sunday, 30 December 2012

IKEA where else?

Heigh ho! We are finally settled in our new rented room place and it was a challenge to organize our stuff (mostly mine) in such a limited space. So where do we go for rescue? Ikea of course! This time we decided to go to the other branch, the one farther and bigger - IKEA TAMPINES. It was super sunny that day and it took us almost two hours to get there compared to the usual 45 minutes to IKEA Alexandra. Haha A for effort! 

My adventure / walkathon buddy... (Is the fine really $000?)

You don't just ignore green grass, right?
Our main goal is to buy this particular quilt set I've been eyeing for weeks but didn't end up buying it. Boo! I did get glass containers for our condiments and other home accessories. (Very domesticated)
I may look happy here even though I didn't get the bedsheet but I'm really heartbroken inside. Haha! Oh, can you see my dotty camera strap? Heehee!
In the end, I'm just thankful we didn't go beyond our budget and we'll have more reason to go back to Ikea. Hehe! Here's a smiley thingy I found on our way to the bus stop. I took it as a sign to just smile and carry on!

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