Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Found "it".

Hello kids! Remember my This Year I Hope To list? The one that includes "Stick to a Budget", yeah that one. Well, early this month I really came close to breaking this rule. I was on the look out for the perfect black flat shoes to replace the one I gave my sister after her smooth manipulation. Haha jk!

Anyway, one sunday with Jim, I decided to window shop for the flat shoes that I need. I saw some really nice candidates but can't get myself to buy them. Until we went to Bershka and found the prettiest slingback sandals I imagined myself wearing with a dress, skirt, jeans or shorts! Hold up! THIS IS A WANT NOT A NEED. I know that if I'll buy this I will need to take out some moneyzzz from my savings. Oh boy. After awkward minutes justifying my "need" for it, I decided to JUST WALK AWAY. Ha! Good job, eh? We then continued walking around the mall but I can't stop thinking about them. *cues Adele's Someone like you*

Jim saw how defeated sad I looked and he offered to buy it for me. Say what? You know the feeling when you really want to say yes! but you feel embarrassed instead for acting like such a brat? Exactly what I felt at that moment.

BSK Slingback sandals
Long story short, he bought it for me. (hahaha! Playing hard to get?) Please don't judge me! I made a deal that I'll pay for it once I have the extra money and he made sure that it's what I really want. (...and will not end up crumbling in the shoe rack like the others.) He said I should view this as reward, yihieeeee.

Seriously, they're so pretty and comfy! I'm afraid that I'll constantly wear 'em and worn 'em out. Sorry, I have a thing for 'ems lately.

P.S. In the end, he didn't want me to pay for it. Conditons: #1. I need to give out my clothes and shoes that I don't use anymore. #2. I can't buy any shoes again for the next 6 months. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. *gulp on #2*

Thank you, Jimmy! 'Till my next reward? No?

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