Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Suck and Sweet Time

Thanks to my cousin Nicole and her friend Jodi, I got hooked on Colleen Hoover's Slammed series. (Yuma-young adult. Haha!) They have been my pleasure reads before bedtime. Hee!  It's a story of two youngsters faced with life-changing responsibilities and forbidden love (ooooh). Four words: Young love, drama, poetry.

Anyhoo, what I picked up and really liked from the series was their tradition of "Suck and Sweet Time". Every night during dinner, the characters share their suck and sweet of the day. Example: Suck - failing to get same class schedules / Sweet - eating baked basagna for dinner. Note: Not a typo *wink wink* Check the books 1 | 2 | 3

Canceled Shows WHY? WHYYYYYYY? This is like Jane by design, Don't trust the B* in Apt. 23 all over again huhuhu!
Happy Endings
Guys with Kids
Ben and Kate

SWEET: New Shows! There are about 23 new shows that I'm looking forward this year. Haha! Click the caption for trailer.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Us & Them
The Crazy Ones
There goes my first suck and sweet time entry. It's a really nice habit to start especially hearing Jim says his suck is the long travel to and from work but his sweet is coming home to me. Naks! So cheesy!

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