Friday, 14 June 2013

How I say sorry...

Translation: Sorry for my bad temper in the morning. haha!

Haha! Well, at least how I say sorry to Jim. This is my peace offering yesterday for letting petty stuff get in our way. Sometimes, even the smallest things will cause a (healthy) fuss in the relationship. The most important thing is there's mutual acceptance of faults and hearts ready to forgive. Naaaaaaks.
Who gets to book the tickets for Man of Steel?  (You do it) What time? (Isn't too late?) Where? (It's too far from my work) Let's just talk about it later. (Okay. Okay) ARGH.

To Jim, you know I still like you even when you're annoying me. HAHA! Hashtag cheeseballs.

P.S. I loved the movie Man of Steel. Haters gonna hate!

1 comment :

  1. I liked Man of Steel too! p.s. sana di nya inahit balbas nya hihi medyo dirteeh :p love, tita m



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