Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mystic App ♥

I can't help it guys! I'm hooked on photo editing apps. Mystic* app is a new fun app from Sara Acker and it's totally a winner. While I'm not particularly fond of adding textures or light leaks, I love that there are many choices of text to add on. They're even categorized by theme so that's a good point for me. Buffalo is also becoming my favorite filter.

Some of my favorite Mystic images...

I'm also convinced that the people behind the app are awesome. They chose very nice and positive quotes to feature in the app. Also they followed me on Instagram and Twitter and it's making me so giddy. Hashtag fangirl.

Dear amazing people of Mystic* app, I think it's obvious I'm a fan hehe so thank you for making my iphoneography such a happier experience. *bear hug*

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