Sunday, 16 June 2013

Portagram prints!

Hey friends! For the last few weeks I've been on the hunt for a good way to print my Instagram photos and I'm happy I found Portagram. It's easy to order and they offer free shipping within the sunny island.  (WHATTTT YESSS!) Two words: Quality + Affordable.

For my first order, I wanted them to have a theme soooo I ordered prints for my photos with Mustard hues. I realized that I've been wearing my favorite cardi in most of my pictures. Haha!

I chose the standard paper (vintage feel) and I think it went well with the yellowish tones. I'm excited to try their other papers - Classic and Premium. I've imagined sharing the final product over wooden planks so I asked Jim for a quick trip to Gardens by the bay. Tadah! 

There's a teal wall and I knew I had to take advantage. Mustard + teal = perfect.

MNL friends, yes! They ship to the Philippines. For more information, check out Portagram here and here. Be on the look out for the hashtag #letsportagram via IG.

P.S. I tried a few other printers and I'd be sharing them soon. Watch out!

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