Sunday, 9 June 2013

VSCO Cam app ♥

Wait, is this a blog for photo editing apps? Haha! Sorry I can't help it! The new released version of my already favorite VSCO cam is too cool not to share to the world.

Polka D in forever bad hair day. / S2 Preset
Visual Supply Company got me hooked once again. I love how the user interface remained simple, classy and easy to use. You can arrange the tool and preset order according to your preference, an option that I appreciate a lot.

I've always loved the Fade settings from the old version and now to be able to partner it with all the new presets - I'm 100% in love. The option to change the intensity of the filter (unlike before) is definitely a plus point for me.

AAAND THE BEST PART IS...You can get the bundle pack for just $5.99. Asfdgjkl! 

Photo from VSCO journal.
In other news... I'm learning how to play Ukelele c/o my own Ukelele master. Haha! The master also wishes that VSCO will be available for Android soon.

Yay for new app and hopefully new skill!

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