Thursday, 11 July 2013

I love PixaRoll! ♥

Hello friends! As you know, I've been printing Instagram photos via different apps and I'm happy to share that I've found my favorite - PixaRoll. I'm still new to this "represent a brand" thing but I'm definitely not a newbie with fangirl-ing. Once I'm hooked, it's hard for me to stop talking about it. Haha!

Here's a quick instavideo I made last week on how I decorated with my 4x4 PixaRoll prints:

Washi tapes + @pixaroll prints = ♡♡♡ YAY!!!!
 by @dianaplus

This is the my wall now! It's a combination of Abeautifulmess and Mystic app photos.


You too can print not only your Instagram photos but all photos as long as they are saved on your phone. The app is very easy to use and the price per photo gets cheaper with more prints you order. PixaRoll is available on the App store, Google Play and Windows phone. 

I hope you won't mind that for the next few months or maybe years, I'll be constantly sharing about PixaRoll. How from just printing Instagram photos to printing my own cards happened in just a span of a week or less. Yes guys! My own set of cards! Sort of OhHelloDy Postcards. I'm so excited! ASDFGJKL!!!!!

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