Sunday, 14 July 2013

Oh, Worrying

"I love your positivity!", "You're so optimistic", "#PositiviDY" - top three comments I get from friends and internet strangers. I know that I can sometimes be annoyingly optimistic and weirdly happy all the time. Please know that I'm not crazy and I'm still in touch with reality. Heehee! I really do worry a lot and always paranoid especially when things involve (but not limited to) showing my work. Like every deadline submission, I freak out. What if they won't like it, what if I made a stupid mistake and many other what ifs. Ack!

I just finished the big project I talked about here and I look forward to the day I can breath again. I'll be fine once I know that the bus advertisements I did will spread happiness around Singapore. YES GUYS YES I KNOW. Until then, I'll be praying and hoping for the best.

I'm also filled with excitement and pterodactyls in my stomach because of my other special projects. Woohoo!

Everything takes courage. I'm really scared but what the hell, right?

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