Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hello, Carol | Breaking Bad project

Any Breaking Bad fans out there? Did you miss hearing "Previously on AMC's BREAKING BAD...."? Have you recovered from the intensity of ep Blood Money? Directed by Bryan Cranston fyi. Lots of OMG Moments. Warning: SPOILER ALERT!

Wanna know how I plan to get through BrBa without being too shaken? I'm starting a new creative project and shall call it "BREAKING BAD IN HAPPY COLORS" Haha or Less intense BrBa? Breaking Bad Happyfied? Blue rocks sunshine? Breaking Glad? Chirping Bad? I'll get back to you on the project name.

Breaking Bad is such a badass show with lots of quotable lines and I thought it'd be fun to tone it down a bit to a more happy vibe. (NOT THAT IT NEEDS TO OKAY!) But I can't stop smiling while doing this project! I love how the overall badassery is converted to something jolly with the help of happy hues. I hope you see the irony.

What I'll do is pick at least 3 memorable lines from the remaining 8 episodes and turned it to....

1) That "Hello, Carol." in the flash forward gave me chills. What the fudge happened to their house? I'm scared.
Breaking Bad

2) "Calm Down" said Walt. This would make a good daily reminder, right? 
Happy Breaking Bad

3) The garage scene with Walt and Hank was so intense! Is Walt coming back to the meth business? Will Hank die? Skyler? Jesse, get yo shit together! Wahhhhh! Tread lightly.

Happy Fun Breaking Bad

I can't wait for the next 7 episodes! I don't think I'm ready for the ending but I also can't wait to find out what happens to all of them. Dammit Vince Gilligan!  Oh, want to work with me on this project? Just holla at ohhellody{at}

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