Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Long Weekend!

Hey hey! Wake up sleepyheads! It's a 3-day work week here in the sunny island! Hari Raya Puasa on August 8 and the 48th birthday of Singapore and 7th birthday of my favorite nephew (coz he's the only one) Gabriel on the 9th. I think it's pretty cool that they have the same birthday. Hehe!

I can't wait to curl up in bed and rewatch Sherlock all over again. Because why not? There's also no excuse to keep delaying those diy and personal projects I've been wanting to do. Hooray! AND If we'll push through with our plans, Jimmy and I will go on an adventure for some photo walk. Ever since we got the book 52 Photographic projects last Saturday we can't wait to bring out our film babies just like old times. Yihieee!

Wishing you the happiest weekend!

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