Friday, 27 September 2013

Public Garden Flea Market @ Singapore Night Festival

The long overdue post about the Public Garden event is here! If I could go to all the flea market around the island I would. Always be on the lookout for Public Garden events my dear sunny island friends!

It's so much fun to look see around a place like this. It's heaven! I can't remember how many times I looked at Jim and said "GASP! I must have this!". Of course, he'd say "You don't need that!". #truestory
Here's the lovely people from Citizen Pop. Yay for hand-made sodas!

A mixture of brochures, calling cards and new stuff I got during the Night Festival.

I would be happy to get anything in polkadots. This pouch is very nice and nifty.

Notebooks will always catch my attention. This very unique one is from Murdoodles. I was torn between "A Tale Of Nothing" or "Noteworthy Thoughts" but when I saw "Things I Do with Extra Paper", I was sold. Btw, it's non-ruled. 

Singapore Art Museum gave out this cute Poor Soldier eraser. Too cute to miss!

Looking forward to more Public Garden events and Night Festival 2014. 

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  1. Chowking!!! Ang puso ko! Hahaha! Kung uuwi ka ng Pinas let me know para balitaan kita kung may Alabama Arts and Crafts fair :)



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