Wednesday, 30 October 2013

On letting go.

Last weekend, I (okay with the great help of Jimmy) successfully reformatted my twitchy but still reliable laptop. My iPhoto has 16,000+ photos and videos, over 1,000+ unsorted files and documents with asdfgjkl filenames. Ha! No wonder it was super slooooooow. I don't mind re-installing everything. I will dedicate a whole day for fonts because I already did it for iTunes. Everything has album art? Check!

Do you have that habit of keeping things because you might need them in the future? Same with clothes, shoes and bags? Ahhh, materialism! I'm happy that I've gathered enough stuff that I can throw away or bring back home so that other people can make use of. The folder of "we used to be..." - deleted forever.

I also tried to clean up my closet. (Show of hands who else thinks that this task is super hard?) That bag that I bought in two colors because it's "OMG IT'S SO CUTE I MUST HAVE YOU IN ALL COLORS" - gone! The dress that I didn't try on before buying - already promised to a slimmer friend. Heehee!

I've always loved the sound of the empty trash and I'm thrilled that it no longer takes 20 mins to empty 4 files. Same goes with feelings, life gets better when we let go of hate and resentments. When we don't think, care or bother about them = life is so good. Soo gooood.

Start fresh! 

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  1. I need to do this! I emptied out my closet of summer clothes last night and the pile is HUGE! I need cut it down so much. And there are clothes in there I haven't worn for the past couple of summers but when I look at them I can imagine situations in which I might wear them - which of course never come to pass because they are imagined. It's actually crazy.



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