Sunday, 26 January 2014

Reading List: Darling, Frankie, Oh Comely and Flow

It's a bright & sunny day here in Singapore yet it's brrr weather. Still in my pajamas and I'm loving it. Kicking off my "Back to blogging 2014" project by updating my reading list.

Remember this from 2012? I hope you've subscribed to Darling because every woman needs to. Aside from the magazine, their blog is also err, a darling. The Art of Sunday is one of my favorites. 
Taking it slow and sipping life ~ Darling Magazine
Next up is Frankie. The 57th issue almost made me cry. I think I did cry happy tears! I was thinking of getting another copy because I want an extra set of the freebies to give away. We'll see ;)

"This magazine will make you smile...." and it certainly did. Oh Comely was a late 2013 purchase and I'm looking forward to getting more issues. It's dreamy and full of interesting stories. What's not to love? 

Then there's Flow Magazine. It's originally only in Dutch but it's too wonderful not to have an International version. Paper lovers unite! They just launched the Flow Book for Paper Lovers and I can't wait to receive my copy. Online gods, don't fail me.

More on OHD Listography soon. Let's be inspired together!

P.s. If you have any recommendations for me, just holla!


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