Friday, 24 January 2014

Welcome Fujifilm x100s, etc.

Hello guys! Lazy D checking in. My laptop is back (can I get a woot! woot!) and I needed time to update my ongoing projects before I can start blogging again. Wow blogger?!

I have tons of things to share but I can't seem to organize my thoughts. Overload, perhaps?The broken laptop incident did me some good because I was able to outline my ideas and  finished reading a couple of books. Another woot! Chinese New Year vacation is coming up and I'm very excited to put up some overdue posts.

Now what's X100s? That's Jim's new camera - Fujifilm X100s. I think it's perfect and it's perfect for him. After his lc-a+ got broken, he sort of went on a photography sabbatical. Since we're going on our first trip together this March he decided that IT.IS.TIME. *cues epic song*

The bokeh is delicious as my green tea latte. Huhuhuhu!

Currently reading "This is how you lose her".Yunior, get yo shit together! 
Tanamo & Dianaplus together again. We'll be shooting in film & digital! Uyyyyy!

My new wallpaper. Cheesy don't care. X100s is perfect for low light conditions. GAH! 
Lastly, here's a Fuji Provia tin can I got from a candy store. 

Here's to exciting new things, adventures and memories! 



  1. Yayyyy for X100s!!!! :) Love love love that camera. Sa sobrang love ko sa kanya, gusto ko na rin bumili ng sarili ko. Nakakahiya manghiram palagi kay Pao. HAHAHAHA.

    Anyway, meron na ba diyan nung all black model? I. WANT.

  2. may u share the price of x100s black in singapore?



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