Saturday, 1 February 2014

Around Chinatown

Warning: Photo heavy. He! 

Happy Chinese New Year, friends!  I'm spending my CNY vacation with lots of reading, photo taking and of course, catching some zzz. It's also important for me to have a clean room (really now ms. clutter) so I did my best to do some spring cleaning. They say domesticated life is tricky and I completely agree.

So around Chinatown! Last week, Jim and I with our new babies walked around Chinatown to check out the CNY celebration. There were different kinds of food, decorations and people both locals & tourists joining in the fun.

Testing my new lens! Bokeh forevermore. Heeehee!

Grandpa and Grandma
Lucky Cat and Daruma
I regret not buying this little lantern. Pssh. 

Spotted Poohs!

Happy Year of the Horse! Neigh worries, more fun!

I was fascinated by this uncle.

and THESE!

Spotted adorable artificial flowers...

I just love the decorations! So Spring!

It's the weekend so it's usual to see uncles playing checkers or just hanging out by the temple.

And lastly my date, Mr. x100s. We're both in red to cast away bad fortune and evil spirits. Really.

Till the next photo walk.
Happy Weekend!


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