Monday, 3 February 2014

Flow Book For Paper Lovers

Hiiii friends! Happy Monday! I don't go back to work until Thursday and I'm taking this time off to relax (you know, Pinterest for hours) and do some artsy projects. Speaking of artsy, the most creative gift I ever gotten myself arrived last week. The online gods answered my plea. Yaaaaaas! 

Flow Book For Paper Lovers is filled with goodies. It's overwhelming in a very goooood way. Stationery, labels, stickers, tags, envelopes, postcards, wrapping papers, etc. Waaaaaa!

A pop up! Huhuhu so cool! 

Just one of the many postcard pages. 
In love with the patterns...

Flipping through the book and I found positivity posters. I can't breathe.

If you're interested to grab a copy, I got mine from Tijdschrift365. Took almost three weeks but the waiting was all worth it.  It really exceeded my expectations. Go go go!

Again! Virtual hugs to the Flow Magazine team!


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