Saturday, 1 February 2014

Late post: Camp Symmetry 2013

Note: I'll be going back in time in the coming days to post last year's happenings. You've been warned.

Learning about Camp Symmetry last year gave me a mini heart attack. Just like every time I learn about my favorite band or favorite brand coming to Singapore. Concerts are the main reason why I really love having freelance projects. They help me fund my extra-curricular activities. ^_^

Camp Symmetry was our first music festival. Special thanks to Jim for coming along because I was scared of being a loner. It's okay in other situations but not in a music festival. I was particularly excited to watch Last Dinosaurs, San Cisco, Wild Nothing, Ra Ra Riot, Best Coast and Explosions in the sky.

Here are some highlights of the day. 
ASDFJKL Tattly, Ice Cream Cookie, I'm a fan and sunburn! Ever heard of sunblock?
What a humid day (surprise surprise) so during the Last Dinosaurs performance we decided to settle down and set up a sort of picnic. I was lucky to score a picnic rug from Typo. Girl scout moment!

Veronica Falls
Last Dinosaurs
We basically spent the day away from the stage and I was fine with it. Food, beer and Jim = A+!
The view from our spot. 
Watching the rest of the bands from afar...

San Cisco!

Then I went closer for Wild Nothing. I wanted to see how cute Jack is. Hehehe! 

Ra Ra Riot!
Here's Too Dramatic with a glitch. 

Best Coast!

Fortunately, the weather got better towards the night and we just spent all night eating. We bought too many food stubs and the choices were limited. I hope they'll have more food choices next time. I fell in love with the ice cream cookie. I miss that piece of heaven!

Overall it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to more Symmetry SG events. You can check out @symmetryent on Instagram for more photos and videos.


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