Saturday, 1 February 2014

Phoenix Live in Singapore

Since I'm in update-music-related-post mood, I'll just go ahead and share this incredible night. 

I will never ever ever get over the Phoenix experience. They are sooooo amazing live! I heard stories that some artists are just so so live but not Phoenix. I love 'em sexy Parisian boys! They performed songs from Bankrupt!, all time favorites and the stripped down version of Countdown. Hnggggg!

So much energy from the band and the crowd. It was really a night of Entertainment, from the lights and backdrop visuals. I don't have nice pictures to justify what I meant because I was focused on the dancing & singing along. Even Jim was dancing but he won't admit it now. ;) 

Thomas Mars in all his gloriousness! (High contrast gloriousness....)

Before the night was over, Mars went crowd surfing and I was able to squeezed my way into the crowd TO HUG HIM. I had two choices: A. Take a really close up picture or B. Hug Thomas freaking Mars. I'll choose B again and again. Joses now calls me "Rock star hugger" because we can't forget that moment I had with Chris Carrabba. Moment talaga? 

Huhuhuhu I love you, Phoenix! Always and forevermore.
Merci beaucoup!

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