Sunday, 9 March 2014

25 in a few...

via Tattly, my love.
Ack! I'm turning 25 in twenty minutes or less. Maybe by the time I hit publish. I love birthdays or any celebrations in general. Heehee! This time feels different thoughhhhhhhhhhhh....I should stop abusing the last letters, no? Anyway, back to turning vente cinco.

I feel old / young. Why? My Mom & Dad visited me over the weekend and they rearranged everything in our room. As in everything. My Dad being the electrical engineer fixed the pesky cables, added makeshift racks amongst other things. While my Mom, the interior designer/landscaper made sure all my stuff (read: clutter) are in proper places....basically moved around everything. She'll keep reminding me to get a house plant for sure. Our tiny room feels bigger and more homey. Yessss! I'm the child who needs more guide with domesticated duties. I realized that it's no longer an issue (or was never an issue?) that Jim & I are playing house. That part made me feel old, I guess. 

They are going back to Manila very early later and it's back to long distance parenting again. I'm thankful for this short but sweet time I spent with them. *huhuhu cues tears*

As for the rest of my day, I'm looking forward to sleeping in aka party so I will have energy for the last 3 episodes of House of cards, the latest Broad City ep and ramen. Definitely, ramen.

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!
Wishing you sunshine and smiles!


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  1. Hello. Sent you an email inquring about possible illustration project. Hope to hear back from you soon. tnx



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