Sunday, 2 March 2014

Paper by FiftyThree ♥

Few days before Christmas, Jim surprised me with an iPad Mini. Eep! If you know Jim, you know that he's kind of NR. (Hahaha, Hi Jimmy!:*) Surprises are not really his thing so it was understandable when I cried and laugh at the same time during that particular moment. It makes me smile just thinking about it. Uyyyyyyy!

It's true what they say, it is really a small wonder. Huhuhu! I particularly love using it for iBooks, Pinterest, Flipboard and Paper! 

From "sweaters", dogs and non-existent drinks, here are some of my Daddles (Dada + Doodles). Sobrang random 2014. 

Meet my future dogs, Arf & Woof.

Now I wish I had better drawing skillz. Ha!


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