Thursday, 10 April 2014

I love you Japan!

Getting lost x Finding our way
Annnnnnd so we did it! Jimmy and I went to our first ever trip together. Yep that's right! We're not even in the same flight when we went to the sunny island. Haha loner! Tapos back in Manila, it was always work work work for me and I missed more or less 15 beach trips with our friends. Lagi ako naiiwan. Sad but true. *silence*

Moving on..... This trip was memorable because hello, JAPAN (obvious reason), Jim's OTBT gift and the first time I took more than 5 days off from work for an actual holiday. Manila visits are not counted ha. Hehe! 

They are lovelier in real lifeeeeeee!
So Japan! I'm currently editing photos and gathering facts about the places we've been to so let this be a teaser of some sort. (Hahaha wow teaser!) From getting lost in Shinjuku, meeting our super duper kind Airbnb host, cold beer x cold weather, hanami with adorable people, shinkansen ride and ultimately having the best time in the land of the rising s/fun. 

Photos as seen on my Instagram @dianaplus ^_^ (I have nothing but JP posts....)
This is just part 1 of many more to come.
Come back soon.

I love you Japan and Ji...


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