Monday, 28 July 2014

Harajuku | Odaiba | Yokohama

Hello friends! Can we just pretend I didn't go m.i.a for the last two months? Hopefully I can really get back to blogging now that I've written down my ideas. Allow me to continue with our Japan trip even though Jim thinks "Ang tagal na non ha!". I hope you guys won't mind. 

It was Monday and it was nice waking up early for sightseeing and touristy stuff. First stop - Meiji shrine, Harajuku. I'm sorry if you were expecting the busy streets of Harajuku with all the Kawaii happenings. Maybe in another post, yeah?

What a lovely prayer...

Next stop- Odaiba!

My kind of Monday blues...

The ever so famous life size Gundam. We arrived just in time for the show. It was indeed another day filled with Ooohs & ahhhhs! 

We had to be in Yokohama for dinner so we killed time in Roponggi hills and also to nurse my injured knee. *lola mode on* It got very windy and cold but it did not stop us from snacking on crepes. Yum!

Hi Tokyo Tower! Jim promised to bring me there next time. Sana soon! ;)

There's more to come. <3


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