Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello from Osaka!

The title would be extra awesome if I was really in Osaka, right? I'm determined to blog all about the 10 wonderful days in Japan before the month ends. Really. Plus my Dad is reading my blog so he'd be happy to read about our adventures. Diba, Dad? :)

So Osaka! Hello from Shinkansen first timers! Jim was the designated navigator and I was the itinerary planner. Checklists, maps, fares, operating hours, etc ~ we got it! 

It was both our first time in Osaka so we had a little difficulty finding the right exits. We settled in to our hotel - Toko City Hotel Umeda and went straight to Osaka Aquarium. I remember being very excited...and hungry. 

Everything is cute in Japan. C'mon!

Here's a photo of me with my La Sardina while waiting for our laaaaate lunch. ♫ Steak! We want steak! I brought a few of my Lomo babies and I hope the universe sends me processing funds. Ugh!

I didn't take a lot of photos inside but these penguins are too cute to miss. Ahhh, they got me all teary eyed. 

We went to Dōtonbori afterwards and saw the famous Glico running man and wandered around the shopping streets. *insert pleasure sigh*

Let it be known that during this time I was suffering from annoying left knee pain and it was painful to walk. Super hassle! This trip made me realized a lot of things and "Dy, you are out of shape" is one of them.

to be continued...

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