Sunday, 3 August 2014

Printed Positivity

The past three years have been a mix of fun and crazy for me. I never thought that I will be able to live far away from home (okay not that far but you get the point), to be given a fresh start and have the chance to do something that I love everyday. 

This project with Poppinprints is for everyone feeling "meh" and in need of little reminders. Let's find happiness in small things, shake of negativity and try to keep the faith.

Miss P's mission is to spread positivity through typography design. Her work is very much emotionally driven and depends on what inspire her at the moment. She likes to watch films, read magazines and browse endlessly on Pinterest. Suggest a good tv show and she will happily binge watch it on weekends (with snacks, of course). Give her a graphic design book and she'll love you forever. 
Will you be my friend even if I'm such a happiness freak?
Thanks in advance. Heehee!


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