Friday, 5 September 2014

Oh Hello Deer | Nara

Hallo Friday! Here's a continuation (never ending ha!) of our holiday in Japan. Oh look! Cuties in uniform! 

En route to Nara with JR via JR. *when you see it*
We saw this shop on our way to the deer park. I had to stop! Click click! 
I forgot what they were looking at haha! Not in photo is curious Jimmy.. (usi lang, hahaha!)
Deer cookies (not actual size.Ha!)
Up close and personal with this deer. We're supposed to be feeding them but only Jim had the guts to do it. I'm a chicken. :(
In here is Jim.... Jim the deer whisperer. 
The weather that day was perfect. The Nara neighborhood is peaceful and charming. Ahhhh!

I thank the universe for freaking road mirrors! Hi Jimmy! <3 
I'll never get sick of you...
Let's go to KYOTO next!

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