Monday, 17 November 2014

Japan Goodies

This is not a joke. I'm really sitting down and trying to revive my blog for the nth time. I have a schedule and blog ideas but I'm having difficulty with words. :( It seems that I'm more committed to Instagram: @dianaplus than my blog. Hahaha anyway, let me try again. 

I said it before "Ubusin ang ipon sa Nihon" which translates to "Spend all your savings in Japan" ~ and that I did! Hahaha! I was prepared to shop especially for stationeries and I wasn't disappointed at all. I went crazy in Loft, Tokyu Hands (which is now in Singapore!!!), Wrapple and basically every zakka shops that we could find. Jim was very patient as always.

My haul is mostly postcards, envelopes and notebooks. I'm feeling so inspired to prepare goodies for my penpals (even if I'm the slowest to reply) and make my own designs too.

Just a few of the washi tapes from different stores. I took advantage of the fact that they are cheaper there than in Singapore. Washi wonderland!

Okokoro tape - perfect for souvenirs!

Gotta have more stickers - again for my penpals!

I also brought home this fox from Yodobashi. I didn't think I could wait until our Japan trip before buying the Neo Classic instax but I did it. Ahhhh! #Delayinggratification2014. :P

Come visit again next time!
Happy days ahead!


  1. Such great stationery, especially that washi tape! Love the confetti background too. :)



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