Tuesday, 17 February 2015

More Happy Free Fonts! Yay!

Hello cuties! Remember me? I know I know. I keep telling "I'll blog..I'll update blah blah blah" but I always end up not doing anything for the blog. Remember how long it took for me to write about Japan 2014? Boooooo! :( I post more often on Instagram and I definitely have more time for Pinterest so why not make the same (maybe extra) effort with my blog? Ha! I'm feeling butterflies in my stomach as I write this.... *gulp*

So here! First, let me make up to you. Get the lovelies here: 1. Dk Insomniac | 2. Djb Fancy Nancy | 3. East Coast Stationery | 4. Dk Pundak | 5. Fox in the snow | 6. In Screaming Color | 7. Lasermetal | 8. Lovely weekend | 9. Mf really awesome | 10. Platesnapery

Can I tell you my favorites? Number 5 & 6. Right? *heart eyes emoji*


1 comment :

  1. Thanks for this awesome collection! #5 is especially cute. <3



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