Sunday, 14 September 2014

Happy Hanami ❀ ✿ ❁

Eugene (our favorite person in Japan) invited us to experience Hanami "flower viewing" with his friends. Our answer? YES! YES! YES! 
Bread, chips and beer for breakfast!
These guys started dancing after I took this photo.
Kawaii! ^_^
All smiles!
I got this photo from Jim. The guys behind this cutie is the line for the portalet. Haha stress!
Awww I had to! Huhuhu gah! I missed Lomo (the dog) more than ever during our trip to Japan. I kept telling Jim that I want another golden retriever or a shiba inu. Woof!
Silent Jim and Eugene...
Last Gacha! 

Last hurrah: Hyaku en!
We went home to rest and pack. We had the best 7-11 dinner and I struggled fitting all my Japan goodies (more on this later!) to my luggage. Jim said "Quota na ah!". :P

We woke up early the next day to go to Koenji (!!!) before going to the airport. 

I miss you Japan and see you soon!

Ay, finally! Hahaha!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Totoro & Friends

We are back in Tokyo and it's Totoro's day! Ahhhh! Special thanks to our friend Eugene for getting us tickets to the Ghibli museum. Hooray! Instead of taking the shuttle bus, Jim and I decided to walk around the Mitaka neighborhood. 

Hello little cuties, pila pila! Jim called them "mga itik" (baby chicks). Hahaha cuuuuute!
Just follow me...
Look! Look! We're almost there! 
We spent almost two hours inside the museum including souvenir shopping (present time update: I lost my Totoro keychain, boo!). 
We had a film showing and super cool workspaces. Actually hindi enough yun word na "cool". It was such a magical place. Nakakaiyak! Note: Photography and video recording are not allowed inside the museum. 
We walked back to Kichijoji station via Inokashira park. I kept telling Jim how our timing was perfect. Perfect time for strolling, picnic with friends and people watching. Heh!

We went to Shibuya after to meet with our friends. I met Erin for the first time that night. Yay!
Girls with glasses: Kha, Dy and Erin
The Guys: Eugene, Jim and Gab

O Hanami, next!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

I ♥ Kyoto!

I've said it over and over before... I ♥ Kyoto! I enjoyed Tokyo very much but I loved the calming vibes (haha vibes!) of Kyoto. Even my Japanese boss agrees with me! He said that he'll go and live in Kyoto when he retire someday. Ahhhh, life!
What's for brunch? 
KYOTO highlight: Fushimi Inari Shrine

I can't say it was a crowded place but taking photos without other people in the background was definitely a challenge. Syempre kailangan solo! Hahaha!  Two wonderful foreigners caught us running and offered to take our photo. And I quote (looking at two running weirdos) "Ahh, they want a picture without the crowd. Brilliant!" 
We spotted them on our way back and I told Jim to pose with them. Haha! They're so pretty!

The looooong walk to Kiyomizudera Temple begins! Define: looooong, well, uhm, it's a 20 minute walk from the station. Despite my knee injury, I DID IT! I was even stopping to take photos (mostly to rest haha!) and I think the delicious matcha ice cream really made the difference. 

I love this plant (dog) box!
Flowers everywhere. Ang saya!
Ceramix! :P 

Annnnnd finally!

More cherry blossoms because why not?!

Up next: Ghibli Museum and Inokashira park  ♥



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