Monday, 28 July 2014

Harajuku | Odaiba | Yokohama

Hello friends! Can we just pretend I didn't go m.i.a for the last two months? Hopefully I can really get back to blogging now that I've written down my ideas. Allow me to continue with our Japan trip even though Jim thinks "Ang tagal na non ha!". I hope you guys won't mind. 

It was Monday and it was nice waking up early for sightseeing and touristy stuff. First stop - Meiji shrine, Harajuku. I'm sorry if you were expecting the busy streets of Harajuku with all the Kawaii happenings. Maybe in another post, yeah?

What a lovely prayer...

Next stop- Odaiba!

My kind of Monday blues...

The ever so famous life size Gundam. We arrived just in time for the show. It was indeed another day filled with Ooohs & ahhhhs! 

We had to be in Yokohama for dinner so we killed time in Roponggi hills and also to nurse my injured knee. *lola mode on* It got very windy and cold but it did not stop us from snacking on crepes. Yum!

Hi Tokyo Tower! Jim promised to bring me there next time. Sana soon! ;)

There's more to come. <3


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Japan Weekend: Part 1

It's been a month since our Japan trip and I'm still not over it. It's the weekend and I promised myself that I will publish the draft entries that I wrote for my blah-g. Let's see if this works!

For our first weekend, we decided to explore Shinjuku and I remember waking up to a lovely weather. The sun is out and I can wear tights. Haha! Perfect! <3 

We passed by Shinjuku Chuo Park walking towards the skyscraper district and decided to check out Tokyo Outside Festival. We spotted adorable kids and of course, pets! 

*hands down*

We made it to the observatory deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and spent almost an hour admiring the view. Admission is free, fyi.

I asked Jim to pose in the same spot where one of his pictures was taken a few years back. I should make a then-and-now photo for this. Haha! 

Oh, just 1 of 564 mirror shots. 

Next stop - Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden for sakura spectacular.  For an admission fee of 200 yen, we got to see beautiful cherry blossom trees and it's easily one of the highlights of our trip. 

Even this cutie can't get enough of sakura!

After a delicious bento meal with strawberry cake for dessert, we met up with Eugene again and he agreed to bring us to 下北沢, Shimokitazawa! I was so happy because I've read so much nice things about this neighborhood thanks to the lovely Hello Sandwich.

A mini Lomomanila reunion, eh? tanamo, eugene17 and dianaplus in the hauz yo! (we have secret lives.....)
I got a very nice (and cheap) dress from this store. Hoohoo!

This is a stolen shot. I swear.....heehee!

Before leaving Shimokita, we spotted GRANIPH! Ahhhhhh! 

We went to Shibuya for dinner and we had a silly Japanese dining experience.

To be continued. Heh! xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I've been wanting to write about our recent vacation to the land of the rising s/fun but I had to take care of work first and also you know, moody.

But okay, Nihon....go!

Jim and I always wanted to go to Japan together but never got around to it because of timing and work responsibilities. I went True Detective (Heh!) with the sakura blooming dates before finally booking our tickets. We had to arrange everything from securing a visa, flight itinerary, accommodation, pocket money, leave dates among other things. Really, it has been months of intense planning and google-ing.

Jim having been to the capital of cool for work a few times already and can speak a few (I should write a few lang daw...) nihongo, I was beyond excited. We counted months, weeks, days then finally 7 hours to go until we reach Narita! *cues epic song*

Showing off my NEX ticket haha because first time
I like how the staff wear nice uniforms with hats! 
Before leaving Narita, we picked up the pocket wifi we rented from GAC. The travel to Shinjuku via NEX took us more or less 2 hours and it was very convenient. All I could think of is "I'm really on vacation and it's in Japan." 

After losing our way in the overwhelming but great Shinjuku station, we finally arrived in Nishi-Shinjuku station served by the Marunochi subway line. We got lost again (haha adventure!) finding the apartment we booked via Airbnb because we depended so much on our wifi device.....that was unfortunately battery empty. Thanks to a couple of nice strangers and power bank we found ourselves in the cozy place of Yuji san. He even waited for us to arrive and helped us settle down. He was wonderful to us all through out the week. <3

It was very cold (yay!!!) and we were starving so we went back to Shinjuku to have dinner. We found a steak restaurant and the memory of that delicious dinner still hunts us. Ang galing ko lang kasi I forgot to note the name of the restaurant. Gutom, guys.

We had more energy than ever so when Eugene, our favorite friend in Japan suggested that we go to Golden Gai...Go lang!  I missed Eugene and I missed beer.

Kenzo (the owner above is super cool and obsessed with leopard prints) and Champion bar where the bartenders are Filipinos. Yay!
Thanks to the lovely stranger who kindly took our photo. 
It was a Friday night and Tokyo is everything I expected and more! It was around 2 am when we decided to walk back to the apartment (perfect location asdjkl) and I kept thinking about the After Dark by Haruki Murakami. Kakainlove!  


Thursday, 10 April 2014

I love you Japan!

Getting lost x Finding our way
Annnnnnd so we did it! Jimmy and I went to our first ever trip together. Yep that's right! We're not even in the same flight when we went to the sunny island. Haha loner! Tapos back in Manila, it was always work work work for me and I missed more or less 15 beach trips with our friends. Lagi ako naiiwan. Sad but true. *silence*

Moving on..... This trip was memorable because hello, JAPAN (obvious reason), Jim's OTBT gift and the first time I took more than 5 days off from work for an actual holiday. Manila visits are not counted ha. Hehe! 

They are lovelier in real lifeeeeeee!
So Japan! I'm currently editing photos and gathering facts about the places we've been to so let this be a teaser of some sort. (Hahaha wow teaser!) From getting lost in Shinjuku, meeting our super duper kind Airbnb host, cold beer x cold weather, hanami with adorable people, shinkansen ride and ultimately having the best time in the land of the rising s/fun. 

Photos as seen on my Instagram @dianaplus ^_^ (I have nothing but JP posts....)
This is just part 1 of many more to come.
Come back soon.

I love you Japan and Ji...



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