Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tiramisu Hero & Threadless

Can I just tell you real quick how I'm currently 5 days in my CNY break and loving it? I have no concept of time or what day it is but I'm really having a blast. If I'm not cooking, I'm doing laundry. If I'm not reading, I'm spending quality time with Pinterest. Hahaha this is the life! It's nice to sleep longer and wake up feeling well rested. Hahaha poor Jim. He had to work until today but he's home now and just as happy as a lark.

Okay now let me tell you how Threadless made my day. Ack! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen photos of me posing with the cutest cat ~ Sir Antonio. If ever you're in the sunny island you should visit The Tiramisu Hero. I really love this place and their food. You must try the Honey Glazed Wings, Savoury Creamy Salmon and of course, all the Tiramisu flavors. I personally love the original coffee and matcha. Yum!

They let you keep the Tiramisu jars and I now use them as confetti containers. Cute? Cute.

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It was Valentine's day and the four of us decided to have brunch first before going to Chinatown (stayed there for 10 mins or so hahaha) then headed to Henderson Waves. Hiking in jeans? No big deal.

I posted this photo that night and went to sleep. If you're wondering if I still sleep early despite my "vacation"... the answer is yes. 
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I woke up yesterday with a comment from Threadless saying "This is awesome! Mind if we regram it?". Wait,what? Is this a trick question? I replied a very casual "Sure! Go ahead." but I was acting cooler than I really feel. Jim and I have been long time Threadless fans and he was kilig for me. They regrammed it and for a moment I forgot how to breathe. Hahaha oa? You know that quote "Let yourself be happy when you're happy"? That's exactly what I did. *incoherent fangirl noises*

What I love most about the whole thing was the fact that we all wore our Threadless tees that day. I've decided to keep giving them out as Christmas gifts. I still feel proud not stressing about presents last year. Hooha!

Here's Anj wearing Moonstache and Victor in Triple Burger Combo!!!

What a bunch of coordinated cuties, eh?

Thank you for a wonderful day Anj, Vic and Jim! I can't wait for our next group hang. We are missing you badly Shi & Kokoy!

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Thank you Threadless team for making my day.
Keep being awesome.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

More Happy Free Fonts! Yay!

Hello cuties! Remember me? I know I know. I keep telling "I'll blog..I'll update blah blah blah" but I always end up not doing anything for the blog. Remember how long it took for me to write about Japan 2014? Boooooo! :( I post more often on Instagram and I definitely have more time for Pinterest so why not make the same (maybe extra) effort with my blog? Ha! I'm feeling butterflies in my stomach as I write this.... *gulp*

So here! First, let me make up to you. Get the lovelies here: 1. Dk Insomniac | 2. Djb Fancy Nancy | 3. East Coast Stationery | 4. Dk Pundak | 5. Fox in the snow | 6. In Screaming Color | 7. Lasermetal | 8. Lovely weekend | 9. Mf really awesome | 10. Platesnapery

Can I tell you my favorites? Number 5 & 6. Right? *heart eyes emoji*


Friday, 12 December 2014

Free Printables : Polka Christmas tags

Freebies time! Can you believe it? Only 12 days till Christmas! I'm so happy I can cry. Heeehee! I'm not going to be home again for the holidays but it's okay because I'm kinda used to it... Sad. I know :(

On a happier note, I'm spending it with my favorite person - Jimmy. I'm looking forward to happy meals and Christmas day shopping. The hunt for the next pair of New Balance sneakers begins! (I can see your smirk, Jim! I can see it!:P)

Okay back to freebies! I made custom gift tags this year and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I did my shopping for friends early and it's one of the best decisions ever. No stress and more time to make it pretty. Awww <3
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Get the tags here

Tag me on Instagram (@dianaplus) if ever you'll use them!


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