Wednesday, 30 November 2011


"Dear Universe,  I'm ready. "

My exact words when I decided to register ohhellody to blogger and when I decided to just go and try my luck in Singapore. (more on that soon)

I dub thee, Year 2011 as the the most interesting year of my life. After many attempts of "serious" blogging, I feel that this is the right time.  Why? You'll see.

I know that there are so many catching up to do, my hard drive says so. I have more than 1,000 photos unshared, few films for developing, tons of snippets of daily experiences both hits and misses. I knew I had to start somewhere so I wrote a list of goals / reasons for this blog. Here we go:
  • To share the lessons from my Life's little detours.
  • To pass around good vibes and positivity.
  • To occasionally rant and vent out.
  • To practice my Design skills (that killz).
  • To inspire.
  • To meet more nice and lovely people.
  • To pay tribute a.k.a fan girl mode.
  • To share my favorite things and lists. 
  • To #humblebrag (haha!)
  • To have an excuse to talk about my life in general. (read: online diary)
  • To take more photos.
  • To take chances and make more mistakes.
  • To challenge myself.  (outfit post, yes? *lol*) 
  • To commit to something.

Soooooo what do you think? In the meantime, join me in Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.
Expect lots of commas, "" and ().  Please consider them as my "side comments" (as usual).

Let's do this!

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