Sunday, 25 December 2011


Merry Christmas to all!

This Christmas is my first time to be away from my family, when we spent Christmas in Macau 3 years ago I was still with my parents so I think it's not counted. Hehe! Holiday sucks if you make it suck, really. I was waiting for my parents to go online in Skype and I couldn't help but cry. I get very emotional when I think about all the fun times they'll have and I'll miss it. Haha! Homesick, yes. Kainggit  that most of my friends are posting stuff about "Family Noche Buena" or Presents time something. My good friend Marianne and her family adopted me last night and the food was gooooooood. I had lunch with Jim, Ange and Kuya Law, too and again... Food Coma :-)

Merry Christmas everyone, make it count :)

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