Thursday, 15 December 2011

Friendly Reminder: "This job sucks!"

Our life is not always how we want it to be. It will be fulfilling to have your dream job, a salary that you deserve and the best office mates anyone could wish for. But life is not always like that. Every morning you might find it hard to look forward to the day and just wish you can call in "sick". I've been there before and I know how you feel. I guess times like that are just normal. Every day negative episodes of that? I suggest you submit your resignation letter ASAP. Heeee.

Despite the many good things, in this case being employed, it is so much easier for us to complain and continue to wish for something better. But I dare you now to just imagine yourself jobless or no source of monthly income at all? Not exactly a great feeling, yes? Here's an excerpt of one of my favorite articles in Lifescript.
"So to those of you who find yourselves not exactly where you planned or want to be at the moment, I suggest you adopt this simple and powerful advice as your mantra. Whatever situation you presently find yourself in, I say bloom where you’re planted! In other words, make the best out of the situation and be the best that you can be until you can manage to move on to greener pastures. "
This gets me through the day:

Makes sense, right? I am nursing a terrible migraine but I refuse to let it get the best out of me. Today is a special day! My probation period is over and I couldn't be happier! I am thankful everyday and this job, this job calling is amazing! (More on this soon) I am filled with so much hope and gratitude that despite the hiccups along the way, I managed to get pass through it. The universe has given me a second chance and I am making it count. Think of this message before you whine about your job, okay? :)

A friendly reminder: try not to complain and be more thankful for everything....and life is too short for a wrong job. 


  1. hello dy! Happy new year! I know you're doing great there in SG now. I especially love this blog post of yours. Mind if I share this with my co-teachers? I think they badly need this. Thank you and I will credit you for sure.

    I miss you, Dy.


  2. Hi Joycee! Long time no anything. Hehe Sure sure ;) Thank you! Miss you too! Kwentuhan tayo soon :) Happy New Year!



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