Monday, 5 December 2011

Friendly Reminder: Be the winner and not the whiner.

Before: What's good about Monday?Answer: NOTHING!
Now: What's good about Monday?Answer: EVERYTHING!

I am now a morning person and my likeness for Monday keeps on improving. Yay! We all have this Garfield thing towards Monday at some point in our lives. I had mine when I was in college, I even referred to it as the Early Tuesday. I dread going to school or work on a Monday. I hate everything about it. I cannot stand the long queues, traffic and the ever crowded MRT. If I could skip Monday, I would. But not anymore! Monday = a new beginning.

Top 5 things I look forward to every Monday morning (and every morning):

1) Morning newspaper
2) Bus SBS8771G or SBS1967 *wink wink*
3) Office morning assembly (yes we do that in the office #japan style)
4) Newsletter subscriptions via email
5) A new day :)

I woke up late today and everything happened so fast that I wore my cardigan inside out. Hey! I was showing everyone where I bought it! HAHA! I didn't notice it until I arrived the bus station and "deadmadella" fixed it in the corner. #Storyofmylife. I told Jim about it and he says he wants to "fondness-affectionate-hit" me in the head. Read: Batok! Haha how sweet!

No matter how difficult waking up early on a Monday morning is, I still find reasons to dance my heart out.

WINTER GLOVES - Dancing My Heart Out from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

I'm annoyingly happy, I know :) Have a great week ahead!

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