Thursday, 26 January 2012


Pagoda tragedy?Haha! Tired but happy - I think this is exactly what I'm feeling right now. After spending Chinese New Year with my parents (more on this soon), I can't help but feel very exhausted yet very happy. I also feel contented and humbled by this experience and will always be thankful for this opportunity. (also broke but happy lol)

I shall get some rest for now, for it will be a long weekend for Jim and I. Why so? Last month, we registered for Global Game Jam Singapore and it will be our first time to participate. He's the coder and I'm the artist. I'm nervous and excited to see what game we will come up together. Left brain x Right brain indeed. *Weeeeeeeeeeeee*

Watch the trailer below and game on!

Global Game Jam 2012 Trailer from Adam Barenblat on Vimeo.

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