Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Your day a year ago by Time Hop

I have a new habit and it has been helping me in so many ways. Every morning I see to it that I get the free newspaper to keep me occupied through my travel to work. Besides keeping me from "sleep standing", it's keeping me updated with the current events. Naks! Very daddy-ish! Hahaha! It was in the newspaper I learned about train schedules and upcoming concerts (that's making me broke), you know those kind of current events. Haha!
Anyway, my latest discovery is TIMEHOP. Curious to find out what was your day ago? What were your posts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Places you checked-in with Foursquare? You can find out with Timehop. Timehop emails you things you posted in those social networks a year ago. *dundundundun*

Why Timehop? I'm not really a fan of the Facebook Timeline and I find it hard to back read tweets in twitter so why not? Plus I like the branding and who can resist that cute dino? Heeeeee! So I signed up yesterday and today was my first blast from the past. It turned out that I was almost homeless this time last year and was very giddy about the success of Jim's surprise party. Fuma-flashback! Haha! 

Note: I had to blur the captions for confidentiality purposes.lol!  
And oh, the instax photos were taken by my good friend RJ, check his cool instax project here!

Honestly, a part of me is really scared to see what I was like or what I was doing a year ago. (damn these social networks! Haha!) BUT I have decided that whatever Timehop shows me it will serve as a reminder of how much things changed for the better and how important it is to focus on what I have now than what's in the past. So TIME HOP, BRING..... IT.....ON!!! *cues eye of the tiger*
“Everything is more emotional when it’s in the past.” - Jonathan Wegener, co-founder of Timehop
Will it matter now whoever you were then? It's up to you. Just don't allow whatever bad things you did or said last year stop you from being happy. Just let it go and make new memories this year.

Welcome to the present!

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