Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Friendly Reminder:: Are you hungry or just bored?

Ask yourself.
Self-esteem issues suck! I can't stand people moping in social networks about how "fat" and "ugly" they are but in reality they can pass as a Topshop model or something. Yeah right. 

When we moved to the Sunny island, I was determined to lose weight and walk the path to a healthy living. I don't have vices like smoking and drinking but I also don't exercise. Hahaha! I have an intense weakness for sweets from chocolates, cakes and the like. I became more conscious about my health and my entire whole being in general (naks!) because most of the ladies here are slim and flawless! (Pity party here we goooooo.....) I also noticed that whenever I'm  stressed or bored....I EAT! I suddenly have cravings and I won't stop until they're satisfied. Last night, we went to IKEA for some storage shopping and the dinner we had was so good that I wish to go back there ASAP. ♪♫ Oh food, why do you have to be so yummy? Come here in my belly ♪♫

Though I love the fact that I'm not scary skinny and that I am huggable (haha really?)  I realized that I have to stop eating my feelings away. Hay! All the jogging and swimming we've been doing will all pay off. I can feel it. I know it. 

Here's to a healthier life! Hihi!

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