Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's day, Mom!

Look at me and my cuteness! LOL!
Many would say that I am my Mommy's junior. Daddy would say "Junior ka talaga!" all the time whenever he sees I do the same antics as her or when he sees my messy bag/s. I don't think I'm strong enough like her but that's what I want to be. Ninjas won't stop cutting onions as I write this entry. Here we go...

To be grateful
A life of gratitude is what I see in my Mom. She never fails to say her Thank yous and would appreciate even the tiniest effort that we do. A simple request of getting her bag or a glass of water is reciprocated by "Thank you, anak!". She taught me that when I see the goodness in everything, I will never run out of blessings to count. She knows how to appreciate a job well done and that made us feel 10 times victorious. And kids this is why ungrateful people pisses me off BIGTIME. -_-

To have Faith
Sometimes in life it's just hard to believe that things will work out just fine. I grew up with my Mom telling me to just have faith and that everything will be okay. Mommy taught me to believe in myself and that things get better in time. She had so much faith in me that I'm able to do things I never knew I could. I may be far from her now but she never fails to make me feel I have her and my Dad. Her text messages in the morning are my instant pick me up. Her faith in life, faith in me strengthens me when I am tired and about to give up. She gives me the push that I need whenever I doubt myself and what I can do.

To share
Whether it's her talent, her time or material things, my Mom is always giving. She is always willing to help other people and values the importance of fairness. There was one time as a kid she got me a new set of comb and mirror and I didn't want to share it with my sister, Nina because it's new and I'm selfish. Haha! Seriously, she got upset and didn't join us for dinner. I felt really bad and I cried the whole time while eating. (the nerve to still eat dinner right?) After dinner, I went up to her and apologized,  I promised to share things with my siblings from then on. That includes the chocolates I have secretly stored in the fridge. Haha! She taught me not to be madamot and try to help people when you can.

To sacrifice
Our lives wasn't always easy and bonnga! Mommy started working when she was just 16 helping out with my  grandparent's landscaping business juggling both school and work. She continues to do sacrifices wholeheartedly for all of us without expecting anything in return. Mothers sacrifice a lot of things for the sake of her children and we should always be thankful for them. The struggles seemed endless but I am humbled by her unwavering strength. She is always there for us, willing to sacrifice and attends to our needs first before hers. I cannot count every thing she and my Dad did for us so we can live a better life.

To be passionate
My Mom is probably one of the most passionate and motivated people I know. She gets things done because she knows how to do it. She's great at what she do because she enjoys doing it. I see in her the drive to accomplish things greatly and Mommy never quits. My goal in life is to be like her - fulfilled and truly happy because she did things that she is passionate about.  An all-consuming burning love for something is what I want to have for good. I learned from her to have the desire to always try, to continue despite hardships and to keep doing things that makes me happy.

To always be myself
Growing up sheltered (a bit conservative) and not really having the "friend-type" relationship with my Mom, I regret that I wasn't totally myself with her. I don't remember telling her about the boy I had major crush on back in grade school but I think she figured because she saw me and my classmates coming out of the boy's house. Gotcha! I can't remember exactly what I was doing but I'm sure it's completely unadulterated. I'm just 10 years old, okay! Anywayyyy, when I was younger I wasn't very open to them regarding my problems or any negative things in my life. I only talk about happy events and accomplishments because I always felt obligated to only be the bearer of good news. As I grow older, I learned how to be more open to my parents and that it's okay to be different. Okay lang magpaka-weirdo and to have identity crisis because they'll accept you for who you are. Of course there are times that I felt that they're being too critical about the things I do and I that I don't have much freedom. That's just a normal phase I guess. I'm glad to have a better relationship with both my parents now and that I can be myself with them. (Minus the occasional profanity if you know what I mean...)

To work hard
Mommy is a full-time wife, mother and a businesswoman. She takes on many other roles and every role she does with so much grace and conviction. She taught me not only to work hard but to work smart. To always do my best and to rest when I'm tired. Back in the day, I don't exactly do the latter because I've been a workaholic which I've mistaken for being passionate. It was awful and my Mom was there to helped me get back on my feet when things didn't work out. She sees every challenge as an opportunity for her to work harder and true enough, all her efforts bring about great rewards.

To forgive
I see in my Mom a person without grudges and resentments. To "kill them with kindness" is what she always strive to do. I am very thankful having her and my Dad both who are very patient and forgiving. No matter how we screw things up, they were always there to listen and to understand. I hope that someday I find the strength to be forgiving just like Mommy. To leave behind what I don't need to carry, the grudges, pains, fears and regrets so I can be free and completely at peace. 

Thank you Mommy for always seeing the good in me. Thank you for believing in me and for always assuring me of your love and support no matter what. Your love keeps me grounded. Mommy, I am nothing without you. Happy Mother's day!

P.S. Thank you for not joining Facebook.

(Mother's day special hehe)


  1. Beautiful article, chowking. Happy Mom's day to our Angels!

  2. Thanks Chowking! Start blogging na!:) @Gelibee



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