Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diana mini noob, I am.

Hello hello! I'm a noob. I'm a beginner and I need to improve. I need to master my Diana mini skills if theres any. To master the difference between 24x17 and 24x24, I must shoot more! Yes shoot you lazy earthling! Self-pity aside, I'm still amused with how the photos turned out. What do you think? Happy accidents and surprises yes? Special thanks to the Sunny island for being so scenic and photogenic. *first world high five*

faux vignette from One X + Diana mini filters
Jim & Merly
Labo-labo skyline

Take it slow :-)

MBS x 2
Co - shawn!
thingys and buildings
durian + floored
my favorite subject on the right (naks)
I hope the 2nd batch of rolls will turn out better and less over the place. Read: Labo-labo.  Do you have tips for me? or was it the scanning? Haha kidding! 
P.S. You can find all my photography posts under the new label shutterhappy :)

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  1. how did you take these lovely pictures!!!! i have a diana mini but i have no idea how to master it! do you have a site where i can learn it from? please email me if it's possible thank you!!! :)



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