Saturday, 2 June 2012

Flea Spirit with Public Garden

Wrestling of words! 
Discussing the curry issue
Shopping face on!
fun fun fun!
Hand-printed notebooks (NON-RULED, I DIE)

Embroidery goodness
so kyot!
I felt for you!
attention to details! *clap clap*
night performance by the main stage
Hello from panda!
happy dy is happy
Thrift shops and Flea markets always make me giddy. Back in MNL there is a heaven we call "Ukay-ukay" (means to dig). You can always find gasp worthy knick-knacks and bargains. I enjoy "slumming" on to pile of clothes because I know that the best cardigan or cutest dress ever is hiding somewhere. A treasure for a sale sucker like me. Hihi!  

As expected, I wouldn't miss Public Garden Flea Market. Time to stop slacking off and do some sight-seeing and shopping. Singapore Arts Festival just started so ang daming happenings! GAH! Though there is a lot going on, every event is well-organized and interesting. Everyone was very enthusiastic and busy -- I should've volunteered!! Maybe next year? :)

Sunny island friends, the flea market is still on tonight 5pm - 7pm under the Esplanade Bridge. This entry is making me miss my friends back home and that I need slash want more sunny island friends. Awww!

Happy Weekend everybody!

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