Friday, 29 June 2012

Marché and its goodness

Hello Hello! I'm in my 2nd coffee of the day night and I AM SO HYPERRRRRR! I couldn't sleep for many reasons - revisions and other wanderings. Good thing I remembered to get photos from Jimmy's genius phone and saw our Marché photos from last week. 313 @Somerset is one of my favorite shopping malls here in the Sunny island and we keep passing by (well, you can't miss it) this very interesting restaurant called Marché. Every time, as in every time many people are queued up so that basically triggered my curiosity. Inggitera, gusto ko din makipila? Haha

We have a lot to prepare for this July, my parents are coming so one thing on my list is to take them to Marché to try it together. I don't want any surprises so I asked Jim if we can "test drive" the place, I want to see if it's within the budget (it was) and if the food is really enjoyable (it was x 100).

Feel free to read the captions I prepared for this chikahan... My apologies for the "shadow" effect. 

not hard to miss! 5 stars for the interior & exterior 
the best mashed potato I had in 11 months! I can eat the roasted chicken everyday. 
BEST TASTING CREPE IN MONTHS! Haha Bananas + Nutella (I think) and vanilla ice cream
Another crepe (because we thought it's small), mango and custard + vanilla ice cream
I think Jimmy was upset because I made him stop eating to do my usual photo op of the steak. Hoho! 
And the very satisfied, Dy. (that sounded wrong)
It was a bright idea (You're welcome, Jim!) to try out the place before bringing my parents because the restaurant set-up was new to me. For a minute, we were lost in translation. Where to go? What to eat? SO MANY CHOICES!!!! They give you like a timezone card and after ordering to whichever food stand - the staff will swipe the card and you self- "check out" after eating. It is like shopping for (goooooood) food on a flea market but more classy. Haha! (Not sure if this is new or I'm just a loser when it comes to dining experience. hehe!)

Overall, the experience was enjoyable and definitely worth another visit/s. I've been reading in other reviews that the seafood paella and rosti are a must try! I can't wait to show off 
Marché to my parents and how I can be their "tour-guide". Hahaha pa-bida!

Great! Now, I'm hungry. 

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